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July 30, 2008


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What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for putting this together. I am so excited to start this project!


Wow tank you for the great tutorial!

Jackie Altenderfer

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful video tutorial...since we can't be blessed with your "personal presence"...this is the next best thing! You've made it look so easy to do the wedge's...so I'm anxious to get my yarn & loom out and try it out. Thanks for putting this together for those of us who need that extra "humph" of a visual look at what we are doing...or supposed to do. Sorry I'm late getting started though. Happy Looming!


hello, i have seen your vid, thankyou, but where is the part where you graft the last row to the cast on row, you said you will show how to seem it together???,where

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