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July 24, 2008


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Robin McCoy

Hi, Isela. I left a review for both the looms that I own from DA Looms. The EFG oval sock loom and the SG Wonderloom. :D
Someday, I will be able to purchase more...I have my eye on that Keepsake loom, too. Maybe if I got one for my mom, as well, she might have the urge to learn to loom. :D

Jeannette Pirkle

I love how easy it is to access the patterns. Having the categories really makes it fast. I already gave a review on the keepsake loom. I love it. I have to write one for the AJAL and sock loom yet.Great makeover of your site Isela and Sam. I love it.

Lisa Anderson

Does it count if I posted them before you posted this on your new lovely blog?? If so I can go back and count how many I have commented under.


I left a review on the 60 inch Infinity Board I purchased back in March. I've been meaning to, but the possibility of having more money to feed my addiction sweetened the pot, if you will. LOVE it! :)

Dianne P Carroll

Hi Isela and Sam.. Feedback huh? Can it be a book (smile). Let's see, I have 3 different Infinity Rakes; mini wonderloom, rg; AJAJ FG 30", sg AJAL 30"; 3 different sock looms plus oval EFG; RG Hat Loom and AJAL RG, Prayer Shawl Loom and a RG Wonderloom and heaven knows I'm probably leaving one out. I most say I use all of these looms and absolutely adore, worship, respect and won't leave home without one. Sending you a pic of my looms Isela, see if you can pick out yours. 6 of yours are not on the rack because they have projects in them. Thanks for such wonderful products made from some quality. I rate DA Looms the highest rating I can think of.


Hey, guys! I left 2 reviews on the 30" ajal, and the FG sock looms. Couldn't love them more! :) Thank you for creating such a wonderful project, and a very enjoyable looming experience. :D

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