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October 03, 2008


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Hi Isela, it's me again. I forgot to say that I post a link to this wonderful new loom on my blog and put in a link to yours

here's my blog: http://1loominglooney.blogspot.com/

April Barber

mentioned you on my blog and on my twitter! yay for socks!


I would love to win this loom. I was away from my crafty stuff for awhile (had 2 heart attacks) then I gave away my smallest loom to my niece (teaching her how to make a scarf for starters.)I look at all the looms and drool so, so if I win I will make really great socks so my feet won't get wet. Congrats on the anniversary!whoot whoot Jennifer

Marion Naylor

Not sure I deserve it but the reasons I would want this loom are. Im 51 and have arthritis (the loom makes it so easy, I have 6 kids and 6 grand kids, not to mention all the nieces and nephews and there kids (yes im a great aunt) Everyone loves my loom knitting and crafting so at christmas everyone wants something! I'm on a very limited income as I can no longer work and still have not recived disabilty, hubby has a bad back and contuinues to miss work. On top of it all I have one 8 yr old left at home who loves her wool loomed socks, We live in Indiana where it gets 20 below some winters with the wind chill. I know I wont win but what the heck I will try. (I have never won so far! Huggs and God Bless you all! Marion

Maria Tovar

Hi Isela, I must have this loom because I think it is going to be and that is why I just bought it but having another one would be wonderful. I did not know about this contest and already posted your link on the sock it to me loom knitters yahoo group. I will post the picture on my blog right now. Thank you Sam for this new beauty and risking your hand for it.



Hi there,

I heard about your site and the loom from my wonderful friend Helen at http://myheartexposed.co.uk on Live Journal


Sorka sent me this way.

Juanita Damon

I have some of the other DA looms and love them! and with 12 family members to knit for, from ages 18 months to 62, lol it would make sock knitting so much easier! this new one is absolutely beautiful! kudos to Sam for sticking with it and makeing this one something to keep out with work on it for all to see!


Congrats on your anniversary. I would love to have the loom. Since I was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome and have permanent diplopia (see double) my life has become complexed. Too keep my insanity I am trying to learn to use the knifty knitters looms. Your site has helped me in soooo many wonderful ways :) God bless and keep on posting the wonderful ideas and hints!


I don't have a blog mostly because I failed the My Space adventure. Daughter set me up there when she came home from college a couple of years . I'm still floating out there somewhere as I've never found my way back by myself. They laugh when I say I want a blog! However, I can loom knit!! AND I can make socks, which is a good thing because I like funky socks and I'm learning all I can so I can make my own patterned socks. I absolutely love my 64peg loom, but would love to have variety in my types of stitching and different sizes and would love an adjustable loom to do that!!! I could then make my daughter,myself or anyone a pair of special socks. Thank you for the chance to enter your contest!


Socks! I love me some socks. I make them, and then they get appropriated by everyone else! One of these days I'm going to get to keep a pair for myself, maybe made on that new loom!

Kathy Jedro

I think I deserve to win this new sock loom because I have 23 children! lol At least everyone thinks I do (3),and thier feet get cold in these Michigan winters. So please Sam, keep my childrens feet warm this winter, otherwise they will turn blue. So please save my childrens toesies!

Pam Sawyer

Hi Isela, I have just added a blurb to my blog spot also! I would really love to have this loom!! I'd loved to be able to learn how to loom some nice socks not only for myself but for all the 11 grandchildren.


Who, who-oo-ooh could be more in need of a sock loom capable of making socks for any size foot, than me? Well, I have six kiddos that have rapidly growing feet, my own feet, my hubby's feet, my husband's 12 brother's and sister's feet, all of their spouse's feet, all of their children's feet (I have over 45 neices and nephews), my parents, hubby's parents, my grandson (yes, I am a step grandma), the list goes on! And, I have lots of super soft alpaca yarn spun by yours truly that would make the best socks, ever! Check out my blog entry promoting your new loom!


Do I "deserve" to win this loom? As much as anyone else does! I love knitting socks, but so far have only been able to make them for myself and my DH, because our feet are the same diameter. Would love to make socks for my whole family (from size 3 to 12) in EFG. I currently have an EFG sock loom, an ESG wonderloom, which is excellent for many things but makes socks that are more bulky than I like... and 12 and 30-in AJALs (and wouldn't it be great to use the 12" lengths as cross-pieces with the 30" lengths?!?!).
Best wishes and happy looming to whomever wins the magic loom!

Terry Taylor

Having this sock loom would be a dreammmm!!!! Everyone in my family has cold, cold feet. And each are a different size, of course! This would be grand to know, I could make them ALL socks, and they would NOT go in a sock drawer and never be worn, because they did not FIT! Yeah, pretty socks that fit. What could be better!!!!


LOVE IT!!! This beautiful Wonder Sock Loom will be the only thing I will ask for on my Christmas List. But I may buy it myself and wrap it up and place it under the tree and have a look of surprise that I have a new loom:) (I would use it first before placing it under the tree) I first saw Isela ad on one of the Looming groups then found out about the contest from Creative KJ's Corner when checking out her yarn sale.


I have all the mini wonderlooms and was asking about an extra fine gauge loom not too long ago. I hop to the blog on a whim and WHOA...hey...there's my loom...there it is, yeah!!! After several pinches (and several black and blue marks) to myself to make sure I'm not seeing things or dreaming, I start to salivate. Reaching for a loom-knitted computer cleaning cloth, I wipe up the dribble on my chin and continue to stare. It's sheer beauty sends tears to my eyes...it's perfect corners send my head spinning...it's amazing elastic band leaves me speechless. Yes, I've died and gone to sock loom heaven...*wishful and in love with that loom sigh...*

Melody Mallory

I always have two projects started. Socks and Dishclothes. Am obsessed with making both. Of course I give away most of what I make. Who could wear that many socks or use that many dishclothes? I don't know if I deserve to get the loom any more than anyone else, but after getting several of your looms, including infinity, and loving them! I would say that I have the need to get another of your wonderful looms to hang on my loomy wall of fame, so that I can use it, pet it, name it, and cherish it until I hand it down to my daughter so that she can spoil it rotten too!
I was to get your GAL loom for my Christmas/Birthday present last year, but alas, it was not to be! No present for me, but I'm sure hubby will make up for it this year. Thanks for your consideration and all you do for us obsessed Loomers!!!


I just have to say that is such a pretty loom. Absolutely awesome. Way to go Sam! And the socks are so fun and cute. I put up a post on my blog to help spread the word ;D Good luck with this wonderful loom <3

Kathryn Baptista

Probably I don't deserve this loom, but my beloved partner Beth does. She has become obsessed with knitting, but alas, has some issues. She's made several sweaters which would only fit a mutant. Her foray into sock making with needles has been truly unfortunate, including the occasional stabbing injury. Clearly she requires structure.

She desperately wants to make socks,and the loom would be perfect for her. The hook is less pointy than tiny needles, so we would save money on bandaids. She could use up the rather enormous stash of yarn she's bought every time she's started a new project.

Finally, when she saw the picture of the loom she gasped and said, "That's so beautiful!" Clearly she would give it an excellent home.


I just love all your looms-- have been collecting them for some time now and just L O V E this new one. Got very worried when Sam made the first one last year and thought-- oh no! He will never make this one again!! Yippeee!!! I am so glad Sam found a way to make these and keep all his fingers.
Just love all DA Looms!! Thanks for making them and all the neat patterns and books-- now also!!


Hola! :) I just wanted to let you know that I've posted an invite to check out your loom announcement on my bloggy here:
I really love the idea of this new loom! Way to go guys! :D


Trying to knit socks on needles for many years, holes,holes and more holes at the heel. Husband and three sons think I'm trying to toughen then up with my holy socks and want no more to do with them! With the wonderloom maybe I can create miracles and make them proper socks. I'll show them!!

greetings, Ineke

Kelly Gilman

Congrats on your anniversary! What a great little company you have!

OMG how great is this new sock loom! Must have! I loke the sock loom I got from you all but being to share my knitted sock obsession with my family would be awesome! I could make great big socks for my dh and tiny baby socks for my nephew and pretty socks for my sisters!!! Goodness the planning has started already!

Congrats again!

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