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November 06, 2008


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cynthia price

how about the DO A LOT. i can see that you can use it as a rake, board loom or circle loom. so DO A LOT seems to encapsulate all of that

Lisa Anderson

This is AWSOME!!! I think a contest a month sounds great! Even if its $10 off of anything they want to buy. Who wouldn't want to buy your looms?! I know I have a good stash of them. LOL~~ Ok for a name now. hummmmmm Wonder Baby, AJAL SuperBaby, Bionic Adjustable Wonder.


P4US Wonderloom (Perfect for Uniform Stitches!
Or if not, I vote for Brenda from GA, EvenKnit Wonderloom.


I think it should be called the -

.... because the extra metal pins make it possible to create stitches much faster than on regular peg looms. I know I will be knitting "as fast as a bolt of lightning" when using this lovely loom.

Some Other Possibilities:
LovelyLoom (well, it is really lovely)
TuberifficLoom (terrific tubes ya know!)
NeeNerNeeNerLoom (how we can taunt those who want one but don't have one - lol)

Whatever you name the loom, I am sure it will be flying off the shelves. Sam is going to have to hire some elves to help him keep up with the demand! : )


AWR - Adjustable Wonder Rake

Gena Robertson

I think the new prototype should be named Da Bomb DA Loom :-)

Evelyn Ayre

Because she does a lot and seems to me to be so beautiful I would like to add the name PERFECT PRINCESS. I think a PRINCESS has a lot of talents and this little loom seems to have talents. Now you could also just say THE PRINCESS which ever one. it would mean the same. Evelyn

Karol Beaufore

I would call it S and I's pretty baby loom.

Jinna Jeffery

I love this loom! How about nameing it the Petite Versital Loom? Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Elsie

It should be the all you need is love loom!


Okay...I had to take some time to really think about this one...I couldn't just jump in without a plan, lol! ;)

This is what I came up with...The USAble Loom! It stands for The "U" (or Uniform) Stitch AdjustABLE Loom. :D

I like that it contains both USA (very patriotic) and ABLE (which gives the user a positive frame of mind that says "I can do this!", and of course, the "useable" is great, because who wouldn't want a loom that has that quality: kind of a pick up and go, everything you need kind of loom.

How's that for a plan??? lol. :) I really like these contests...very great idea to keep all the energy flowing to DALooms! Have a great day! Bethany~


How about the PAL(Perfect Adjustable Loom)

Christine N

My recommendation is "Deluxe Wonder Loom"; it is adjustable like the wonder sock loom and has the added feature of the pins to help keep stitches nice and even.


How about the "Elite" or "Fine-Gauge Elite"?

Lettetia Elsasser

I think Vavoom-A-Loom is a good name for it.


I had suggested this before your contest, but didn't know if I needed to add it in again. Thanks for your many contests...and such nice looms. I look forward to seeing what it will cost too.

"Pegs-N-Pins" sounds good (someone already suggested that) or how about "Perfecto Loom" maybe...like a few of the others said, whatever you call it I would be interested in getting one too!

I'm afraid I'm not the best at thinking of names, but I'm definitely interested.

Kathy N

The loom looks great! What about "Pins and Needles" which is what we're all on while waiting for it. (No idea if it's already been suggested as I didn't read the other posts.)


The "Little Wonder Sock Loom" because the it is smaller and cuter and the 2nd in a line of great looms!


Baby loom, I dub thee "Adjustina"!

Cassandra C.

Those sock looms are interesting and I hope to have one when I can afford it someday. :-)

How about naming it...Thee Socks-R-Loomed?


How about the PAL (Perfect Adjustable Loom or the Pefect-Stitch Adjustable Loom)? Or maybe the Baby Pal, Lil' Pal, Tiny Pal???

Or, SAL : Sweet-Stitch Adjustable Loom?

Goofy, I know. I just love that little loom!


Whoops! I just noticed someone else posted PAL. Sorry about that!


Okay... just one more!


Delightful Adjustable Zig Zag Loom

... or ...

DecorAccents Adjustable Zig Zag Loom

Now I'm done, I promise!


I think it should be called "Never Go Wrong sock loom."


I like the "Little Toes" Baby Loom for a name.

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