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October 03, 2008


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ooooh it looks good!
I posted on my blog! And Twitter, and Plurk!! I think I am excited about this new loom!

Ya'll cheered me up with it!


I just saw this on http://twitter.com/Sorka and this is officially at the top of my list for Christmas presents for my mother!


I just posted it on my second blog.. mwah hahaha.. http://www.lionbrand.com/lbyarnblog8/

shall I post on my third 'secret' blog?
Nah then it wouldn't be a secret!
mwah ahahha


I hope you sell a ton of this awesome loom. I need to try your new pegs one of these day:0)

Deb S in NY

OK, I definitely deserve this loom, for many reasons but most importantly because I have feet! Two of them in fact, and I have a lot of kids, seven (yes 7)of those, and they have feet(2 each)...so if you add that up that's 16 feet!! When I think of all the lovely socks I could make in all shapes and sizes with your beautiful loom...great advertising for you Sam :o)


Yes, yes, yes! I think this is an awesome new loom, and my tootsies just squirm with excitment to wear something made from it!

I'll be posting about this soon, as well...will let you know. ;)

Carrie Lynn

I'd love to learn to knit socks for my family, and hubby has huge feet, and we have five kids, so what a wonderful loom to face the challenge with, huh? Thank you and congrats to you both!


This loom looks really awesome! I don't have seven kids, just two granddaughters and a family of ladies who love socks. I have several DA looms in my collection and am an avid loomer! That's why they call me a "loomatic"(lol) I am never without one. So Sam please consider my comment and make this "lil ole lady" happy.


Hmmmm...I guess we're ALL deserving in some way of winning this new sock loom! I'd like to win it because looming (socks, especially) has been a source of so much joy to me and many others. I seem to give away 75% of what I make, but to see the happy smiles on a new Mom receiving a handmade shawl, or an elderly person receiving a pair of homemade socks is priceless! I have made so many shawls for Church friends that they call them "Betsminas" instead of Pashminas! My friends say it's like getting a hug from me. I always was working on a sock when I was with my Dad daily, taking care of him until we lost him this year. He loved to see me being creative! He'd smile as I'd model my socks! As you can tell, this is a big part of my life and something that occupies me in good times, and in tough ones, too. All of my looms are from Decor Accents too- they are #1 in my book!


I would love to win this loom because I am ready to move on from the KK looms to something more exciting and fun like making socks and besides, its fall here in New England and my feet are cold! :)

Amy D

I was just looking around for a loom to socks on with a tighter weave and I found you! I don't think I "deserve" a loom but I would love to have 1. I'm a working Mom with 2 young kids and a Navy Husband who is not with us much of the year. I spend a lot of time looming blankets and hats for all the new babies in the family and the school I work in. I have tried several different ways to loom socks on my KKs but the weave is so large that our feet are still cold, I have such large feet that I have to change the paterns to fit me and a lot of the time it doesnt work out. I have taught my 9yo boy and my 4 yo girl how to loom and a few friends and family members also. Imagine all the fun I could have making socks and sharing them too. Thanks for the time and I will be emailing my Husband and letting him know he will be buying a loom for my birthday day in November, but the contest sounded like fun.


Uhmm, Why? Cuz I'm cute? Cuz every loom I have has a project on it already so obviously I need another WIP? Cuz I have a sock thing and while Christmas socks are easy to find it is very difficult to find socks in the traditional colors of National Mustard Day (first Saturday in August) or International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19)? Cuz I said please? I don't know if I deserve it but I know I will hug it and pet it and squeeze it and call it George.

Oh, I'm here from Purling Sprite, but since she already has a loom.....


OMG! I was just asking Sam about a loom like this a while ago! And he didn't even let the cat out of the bag and tell me one was coming! I'm so happy to see it though and as soon as I can skip enough meals to afford one I'll be ordering one! Don't groan Sam! I promise I won't screw up this order! LOL


OOH! I want to win this loom so I can finally make socks! I love to knit, but after MANY classes, I just can't get the hang of socks. Double points are not my friends, and magic loop doesn't like me either! I have a whole bag of half made messed up socks that would only be good for people with extremely deformed feet (actually people with only one deformed foot as I have yet to make more than one of any of them) My husband would love it if I quit buying sock yarn for socks that will never be made because I can't seem to get it. You would be his hero if you sent me a loom to clear out that nagging (and growing) pile of sock yarn in the corner of my bedroom. Maybe I could frog all those poor deformed orphan socks and actually make some that would fit a real human foot!

Jeannette Pirkle

Well, where do I start? I want one because my other sock loom keeps getting used for dishcloths and other items. Also, I don't have but one size and my three sons and husband and DIL all have much different size feet than I do. This would be so good to make the different sizes. I could even make my son and his wife matching wool socks to keep their feet warm while cycling (like you Isela-wink wink).They get cold feet in the winter and my son rides his bike to work (at least it isn't the 4,500 miles he rode to Alaska!!). Isela, you and Sam are awesome with all that you do. Thanks.


I am new to looming. and very excited to learn and create. I am going to start with hats for people who have a need for them like homeless and low income families. But adding this to my collection would make it possible to make socks for kids at my son's school that need to stay warm but simply can't afford to buy them. Around christmas they have a tree where people can make donations to kids at the school that are on hardship. So i want to thank you for considering me for this loom.

Angela Johnson

I would love to win this wonderful new loom, simply because I have never been able to knit socks in my life, I did try but the dog though it looked more like something to chew rather than something for his owner to wear. But the one thing my dog taught me was how to BEG. So now I will try that PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me win.


Cindy Mott

Hi Isela, I just posted a picture of the loom and the URL on my blog ... I really need this loom as a new addition to my very small and just getting started loom collection. You know, feed the addiction ... Some nights I am up until 4:00 am because I cannot pull myself away from the loom. My dogs are very well dressed in the sweaters I have loomed for them and they are feeling a BIG need to get my looming attention off of themselves and onto something or someone else. They are begging you to send me the loom : ). There is a picture of my baby Chihuahua in her latest sweater on my blog. Check it out!

Cindy Mott



I must have this loom. I. Simply. MUST!

My name is Missy, I'm a DA Loom-aholic and I would do almost anything for a fix.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

What? Admitting I'm addicted didn't sway you? How about tragedy?

If I don't get this loom, I'll die. And it will be tragic because I am so young and beautiful and my son will be an orphan and there will be no one to feed my cats just right and my poor neurotic little dog will have a nervous breakdown because he only likes me to walk him and everyone will cry and cry and cry and moan about what I could have done with my life and what a Terrible Waste my death was.

Or maybe I'll get eaten by a bear if I run out of my house crying because someone else got chosen for that loom and don't look where I'm going and run into a big hungry grizzly because I was so sad and the tears were blinding me and life! Just! Isn't! Worth! LIVING! without that new loom.

In short, pick me! I'm funny! ;)

Helen J.

Hi Isela and Sam, congratulations on your anniversary at DA Looms and the much anticipated release of the new and fabulous Wonder Sock Loom. I have linked the new Wonder Sock Loom with my blog and always direct people to you, people from all around the world I might add, not just within the US. I think you guys should go global more and I think that I should win the Wonder Sock Loom as I would be the ideal and perfect ambassador for DA Looms to show off the loom in use, demonstrating its uniqueness with pride at craft fairs and events up and down the UK :) Also, I because when people look at me I have obvious disabilities, legal blindness and I am using a wheelchair now because of nerve damage, when people see the loom in use and see what can be made with it they will not think "oh I cant do that" but might think that they would "like to give it a go because is she can anyone can" type of thing. Hope that makes sense. I dont mean I should win it because I have noticeable problems or anything I mean that others would be encouraged seeing the loom in use by someone who is challenged and might think that they can do looming too whereas before they might not have considered it. Keep up the good work, love your looms, I have all the sock looms and baby afghan that my husband bought me last year so am looking forward very much to trying out this Wonder Sock Loom. you guys rock! Helen J. x


OK, I definitely would like this loom, for many reasons, but most importantly because I have 5 kids & 11 grandkids, each with a different size foot! Two of them in fact! When I think of all the lovely socks I could make in all shapes and sizes with this "wonder"ful loom, I get a bit light headed thinking that I could possibly make socks for ALL of them...It would also be great advertising for you, Sam


I sure would like to have this loom to be able to make my own socks. I am disabled and have also been burdened with small feet too. It would be very nice to be able to make socks and such that would really fit my feet without having to buy kids socks anymore.

I would tell everyone where I got the capability to be able to do that too... which would be great advertising for Sam.


Hi Isela and Sam, I love this new loom and must MUST have one. I have purchased several other loom that our dear Sam has slave over in a hot sweaty workroom making. They would be lonly with out this room. I GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!! Don't make me sell my hubby to get one. LOL

April Barber

I deserve this loom first because I just love love love to knit on looms and I am starting to collect all the looms I can to knit anything and everything I can. Why I really deserve this loom though is I have a sock fetish. I love socks but not just any sock, I love weird socks and different socks, and colorful socks. I think it would be totally awesome if I could make some of my own weird and wonderful socks!!!

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