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November 06, 2008


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By George, I believe this is the fine gauge toe sock loom and/or glove loom I have been looking for!


how about white chocolate???


How about All-in-One Adjustible Mini Loom.

I know not very creative...

Pam Sawyer

The Adjustable Tube Loom!

Susan K/NC

I think she should be called the "Pretty Penny Loom".


I can only think of one name for this loom and it is........... Genius

Wow i hope i win this. I have so many ideas for it :o)

Justine :o)

Rhea Behlke

I think it should be called the Perfect Stitch AJAL.


How about... "Pins, no needles"? (Geddit, like pins and needles but... yeah, sorry, I'm really bad with puns, although I think that's so bad it's not even a pun anymore.)

Whatever you name it, it's gorgeous :)

Karen Mokas

I like Baby perfection. Or Perfection Baby Loom


"Slide AJAL" Sounds good to me.


Here's another....

"Totally Tubular" Mini Loom


Looks like a Wonder Stitch mini loom to me.


I still think it should be the Guppy ;D Or Jenny would be a nice name, lol.

Okay, how about:

Avalon (island paradise)
Venus (goddess of love and beauty)
Chanson (means song)
Mira (means soft song and also means wonderful)
Belita (little beauty :D)
Liana (to twine around)

Have fun naming your little baby :)


Pegs N Pins AJAL

Donna Vance

How about Wonder Tube Loom?

Maria Tovar

I could call it "Wonder U Stitch loom", because it is more like the wonderloom, not like the Ajal and you get great u stitches


I think it should be called the "Pin and Peg Adjustable loom." With the emphasis that the addition of the pins allow for a smooth "u stitch" type flat knit stitch without the loomer having to hold the yarn into the u shape when wrapping as in the u stitch without pins.

Brenda GA

Sam is a creative genius. I absoluty love this loom!! It is adaptable like the Wonderloom, but allows for consistantly even tension on the knit stitches. Therefore, my suggestion for the best descriptive name is the "EvenKnit Wonderloom".

Karen aka Keggy

The Super Loom" as in Superman & Supergirl and I actually think it could jump a building with a single bound.


This is a wonderful little creature, my suggestion for naming he /or she.. would be the simply "perfect knit sock loom"


I think it should be called Sam's Super Loom, because Sam has created super duper things and this is super duper too!!


Ok, I really think we should give this one a girly name....how about Pin-erap Phelps?

I think this one deserves the Phelps name since our hero Sam has put so much love and energy into every loom he has made and I love every one of the ones that I have bought so far..which is about all of them!

I just cannot imagine the hours and the talent Sam has devoted to making each of us so happy when we receive our looms, but he is appreciated....keep up the great work, Sam!

Jeannette Pirkle

I kept thinking 'Slip and Slide sock loom'; you can slip the yarn around the pin and peg and slide the bar to make different sizes. This is another great loom I will have to dream about. It looks like it would make these fingered gloves or toe socks on. To cute.
Maybe even 'Cutie Patootie'


She is very cute! How about AJAL Chantal Tubular Loom. (Chantal has to do with songs, singing or music.)


Sorry I meant to adjust the AJAL to the end of the name, it6 should have been "Chantal Tubular AJAL"

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