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January 02, 2009


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Yay! Congratulations Brenda and Carrie Lynn! Lucky ladies <3

Kathy N

Congrats to the winners!!


Oh man, you mean I didn't win? ;)

I will admit that the winning name is really good, so you chose well.

Congrats Brenda! Also, congrats Carrie Lynn!


Congratulations to Brenda and Carrie Lynn & son. Great job!


Congrats Brenda, that is a great name! And I'm anxiously waiting for March....... will there be many gauges for this loom, or just the sock gauge, and any other pre-release info us impatient folk can learn, lol?? :D


What an awesome name! I was wondering if there is a release date set for this loom yet? I want it to be my first fine-gauge sock loom! :-)

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